We offer the most aggressive finance programs of any dealer in the marine industry. Through BlueWater Finance we have access to 12 different national banks- depending on your financial status, we'll run your credit report one time and offer the deal up to multiple banks to get you the best deal possible. With terms available from 10-15 years on a simple interest fixed rate basis (similar to a mortgage) the payments are low and payment options are flexible. All of our loans also have either no pre-pay or very minimal pre-pay penalties.

Tips on the Credit Application - Please fill out this form completely, make sure to note the model of boat that you are looking for and your anticipated total down payment (at least 10%). Make sure that the monthly income that you claim is the "gross" amount before taxes. If you have a spouse that has income, it is usually better to have them as a cosigner as total income is an important part of the application. Once we receive the app we will send it in and usually receive an initial response within a few hours on a Monday-Friday.

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