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The Qwest Experience

It's time to change your state of mind to make every hour feel like happy hour, it's time for a Qwest experience. Qwest pontoons understands that state of mind, that passion for water that drives boaters like you to get out there on the water. To help you reach that state of mind, we have created a line of unique pontoon boats available with special options, added comfort and exceptional quality to meet the needs and budgets of every boating enthusiast. However you enjoy the water, whether it be adventure, excitement, or just relaxing with family and friends, from sunrise to sunset, Qwest pontoons has you covered. 


Apex Marine thrives in this category and has over 40 models of pontoons 22 foot and under with several unique interior configurations and engine options (including electric!) available. Apex also has 4 different series of boats starting with the most basic Gillgetter models to the luxurious Quest LS & Avanti series- so.... no matter what you are looking for Apex marine has a boat for you! Quest LS & Avanti are still the only Luxury compact pontoon available on the market today- and you'll be surprised when you see the price!

Why Consider A Compact Pontoon?

While there are many reasons to consider a COMPACT pontoon boat from Apex Marine, there are particular situations where they truly shine: 
1. Electric Only Lakes: Compact pontoon boats are ideally suited for lakes that only allow electric propulsion. Electric outboards are limited in horsepower and will perform better on the smaller size and weight of a compact pontoon.
2. First Time Buyers & Small Families: Compact pontoons are a safe and affordable way to get into boating. Easy to manage and maintain. They are perfectly sized for small groups or families.
3. Lakes with Horsepower Restrictions: Because of their smaller size and weight, compact pontoons perform better with less horsepower than larger boats.
4. Easier to Handle: It's easy to become intimidated or aggravated with larger boats that can be hard to dock or put on a trailer, especially in windy conditions. A smaller pontoon is more nimble, lighter and easier to maneuver. In particular, this can be a benefit to inexperienced boaters.
5. In Lieu of Aluminum V-Bottoms: A compact pontoon boat can be just as versatile and affordable as an aluminum v-bottom boat, but much more comfortable to be on. In addition, a pontoon's flat deck allows you to get up and move around, has more room for coolers and gear, and sits higher making it easier to get in and out from a dock.
6. Easy to Trailer: A compact pontoon is the perfect take-along boat. Its narrow width and light weight makes them easy to trailer. Many models can be pulled with mini vans and small SUV's. They also work perfectly for pulling with motor homes. Anyone who has ever trailered a full size pontoon boat will certainly appreciate this feature.
7. Fits in Garage: A compact pontoon boat can be stored where other larger pontoons cannot. Many garage doors are too small for full size pontoons.


Pontoons are Precisely Welded and Pressure Checked at the Factory

Guarantees tubes are free from leaks. Tubes are sealed with a plug that can also be used to drain the tube in case of condensation or damage.
Protective Keel Runs Full Length on Tube Bottom and Leading Edge of Nose Cone. This provides additional strength to the tube, protects against damage and aids in boat tracking.
Nose Cone with Integral Splash Guard-Eliminates the need for weld on fins that can bend or break. Robust design with leading edge keel. 
Tubes are Constructed with .080", 5052 H32 Aluminum and Baffled at Seams
Heavy gauge .080" aluminum protects against damage. Baffling adds strength.


3/4" Multi-Ply Treated Plywood Panel Decking
Our Plywood panels carry a lifetime warranty against rot and insect infestation. 3/4" multiple layer plywood is the preferred panel for top pontoon builders. Plywood is unsurpassed in its ability to provide a rigid, stable platform while offering natural sound and vibration dampening for a smooth ride.

Deck Trim Has Cross Channel Backing in Front and Rear
Supports deck trim and prevents bending, particularly important when loading and un loading with a crank-up style trailer.


 Molded Fiberglass Helm Stands

Fiberglass is very strong and has lasting beauty and durability that will not fade, scratch and twist like rotomold plastic helms.